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We are Patna based Air and Train Ambulance Company established in 2012. From the inception of this emergency services, we quintessentially transport patients to various locations of the world with complete setup of portable ICU and Specialist Doctor’s Team to help them get the required medical treatment along Rehabilitation.

We will Serve you with the Best Fleet Support via Air and Train Ambulance.

Patna Air and Train Ambulance service is a world-class Air Ambulance Services from Patna to anywhere in the world. During our services, you can experience medical facilities at their summit. Our Air, Train, and Ground Ambulances enhanced with every critical and vital medical support a patient could need during the shifting. Our Air Ambulance Services in Patna fly anywhere on the earth, like Delhi, Bangalore, or Mumbai is our most Airlift cases are. be it in any city of India or any other country, in case of international shifting, we also took care of foreign country's rules and regulations of shifting a patient. Our charges for Air Ambulance from Patna to Bangalore with a low-cost affair which is in service from 2012 and moving patients to anywhere in India. Mostly from Patna to Delhi, Patna to Chennai, Kolkata, Vellore, Guwahati, etc.

Get the Emergency Pick-Up with ICU Road Ambulance Services in Patna

And similarly, our Low-Cost Road Ambulance Services in Patna are in great service in the city, residents need road ambulance inside the city from one location to another or often from Patna to Delhi or Mumbai. Keeping that in mind we used road ambulances, equipped with ICU equipment. We also deal in Cardiac Ambulance service in Patna. Our hassle-free services and our professionalism in our work make shifting for the patient and their attendee a relieving experience. There is an increase in road ambulance mostly Road Ambulance from Patna to Delhi or Kolkata.

Accidents, diseases, pandemics, and any other natural or any disasters are not in our hands. They are just the horrific events waiting somewhere for someone to inflict. So, they need fast and special medical assistance, to getting medical assistance as fast as possible they need an air ambulance, train ambulance, or road ambulance, in the absence of which the victims of such terrible events have taken a dent of physical damage on them or even worst death. And from the location of the patient to the medical center, the transportation must be quick and handle with utmost carefulness. It's not an easy task to perform one little glitch, and you could lose the patient. In such an impoverished event, we Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd. comes in handy, and us up to the mark ambulance services and protocols which we follow help us saving human lives in the past many years.

We are Available to Help You in any Critical Situation of Rehabilitation with the Great Support of Air and Train Ambulance Services.

Almost all the transportation we did, our services were a nick-of-time for the patients and their attendees. Emergency Air Ambulance from Patna to Delhi or any other city of India is very costly, but we took special care and tried our best to reduce the cost and provide Low-Cost shifting facility. When it comes to transferring a patient to a higher facility for further treatment, this whole shifting is a hectic and risky job. Patient and their attendees did not know what to do; for them, Our Team are a time saver and also lifesaver. We provide ambulance in every means of transport, whether you need air or train ambulances, we are here to help you, we also offer 24*7 Road Ambulance Services from Patna if you need.

We are available to Support any Pandemic Situation with Our Air Ambulance Services from Bihar

A city like Patna, which is on the verge of being a Metro city, still lacks a world-class medical facility. Medical tourism is not a common term in our pharmaceutical industry. For current pandemics like Corona or any other disease which needs a higher medical facility, which is not readily available in Patna. For such diseases to treat the residents of Patna need air or train ambulance to shift their loved ones. As we told you before this shifting is a hectic event but also very cost-effective transportation if you did not choose the services wisely. Having known that, we are also very well kept in the knowledge that money is one of the essential things during the treatment of a patient. We hold that in mind and provided the kind of services which are of summit level in the price of ground level. In other words, services at Patna Air and Train Ambulance are very budget-friendly.

Patna, being the largest city of Bihar and also the capital of Bihar, the city is famous for its heritage and sacred sites for many religions. It attracts tourists from every corner of the world. Patna is a highly populated city, and thus it's high time that city requires world-class air ambulance. When it comes to air ambulance or train ambulance, we are serving the city from 2012 and wish to do it always. Our charges are lowest compare to any other air ambulance facility, all the facilities air, train, or road ambulance are at their most moderate price range and with best medical care facilities during the shifting.

When you search for an ambulance provider in Patna, our name emerges at the top of the list. We have a team of specialist doctors who can handle every patient during shifting. Whether it is Air or Train Ambulance from Patna or Road Ambulance Service in Patna, we have performed any shifting with full medical attention to the patient. Our ambulances equipped with life support, ICU, and Cardiac medical support systems. In emergency shifting cases, we provide treatment in the way while shifting a patient from spot to hospital, thus saving critical time, which is very less during emergency ambulance shifting.

With the Experienced Team, We Serves Commercial Stretcher’s Air Ambulance for Needy One’s

Our other services are Commercial stretcher, these services needed for an individual or severe patient for whom a commercial stretcher is fitted in an air ambulance in place of bed to bed shifting. We also provide home nursing care with qualified and well-trained nurses. Aero-medical services of ours are also one of its kinds. With highly experienced air ambulance pilots and competent medical staff with at least five years of ICU/CCU training, we make a formidable pact in the Aero-medical field in Patna. Corpse transportation, we are one of the few ambulance service providers in Patna who also transfer corpse from Patna to their final destination. We try our best to make the service as humble as possible when someone lost their loved ones.

Our Featured Services

Air Ambulance

Patna Air and Train Ambulance provides an affordable Air Ambulance Services with hi-tech and advanced facilities for transporting an ICU and other critical patients from one place to another or sometimes to another city in some emergency situations. We are the fastest growing air ambulance service provider and our charter and commercial air ambulances are available 24/7 for transferring patients.

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Train Ambulance

Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services are always in huge demand due to our advanced intensive care facilities with hi-tech equipment in 2nd AC train compartment. Our Train Ambulance Services are available 24/7 and you contact us anytime and we provide low-cost Train Ambulance services than others.

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Road Ambulance

Patna Air and Train Ambulance provides ground ambulance services for shifting patients from accident spot to the nearest hospital or from one hospital to another hospital. Our services are best suited for emergency and if you ever need an emergency road ambulance then must contact with us.

Home Nursing

Patna Air and Train Ambulance provides Home Nursing services to help your loved one to recover in your own home in less time. You can take our services as planned or on an emergency basis. We offer different time duration of services like short-term and long-term nursing care options and you can choose according to your flexibility and the patient's health. Our home nursing is a professional, who is fully educated, certified, and licensed.

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Patna Air & Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd.

What Our Customers Say's

It was the day when my husband and I went out of the house for a party, but on reaching some distance away from the house, we collided with an accident and fell down from the scooter and they got very hurt. A standing man called the ambulance. I did not know that the ambulance came from the company of Patna Air and Train Ambulance, but their service was very good. In a few moments, the ambulance came on the spot, and immediately after putting my husband in the ambulance, he started treatment and rushed to the hospital. I have never seen a service like Patna Air and Train Ambulance, really these people work with a lot of dedication.
My father was very happy the day the result of my college came but suddenly I do not know what happened, he got a heart attack due to which I got very scared. Then the neighbor Sharma uncle called the ambulance, the ambulance Patna Air & Train ambulance service reached our house through it, his service was so good that immediately he started giving oxygen to my father and the doctor in the ambulance started to give him Treatment, now my father has been treated and he is absolutely healthy.
Hi, Seema here, my 4-year-old child was playing on the terrace and suddenly came down while playing and fell down 2 coming down from the floor as soon as the human fell away, I could not understand anything but my little brother-in-law immediately took the ambulance I called and took her immediately to the hospital. As soon as she was taken to the hospital, she was immediately treated there. I later came to know that the ambulance had come from Patna Air and Train Ambulance, whose services were so fast that went saved my son's life. I am very thankful to Patna Air Ambulance Service who saved my son's life at the right time.
Hi, I am Rita, on hearing the name of Corona, where people start running far away when my younger brother suspected corona infection, we immediately wanted to call the doctor. In a short time, an ambulance came by Patna Air and Train Ambulance and they immediately quarantined the family members and took my brother to the Quarantine Center with security and immediately put him in the isolation ward there. Today my brother has survived that corona infection and is very healthy. I am very happy and thankful to have served Patna Air and Train Ambulance.