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Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd is serving the society for a long time with its Emergency Road Ambulance Services. We are there for all in-call emergency services in your area. We are the top Ambulance provider in Katihar to Patna, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vellore, etc. due to the top-class health care support we deliver. We go to the remotest parts of Katihar to give you the best ambulance services. The credit of our excellent services goes to the hard-working staff who are always prepared and ready to move at one call. In cases of emergency, every second is critical, understanding this we as a team are always alert and avoid time wastage. We guarantee the patient reaches the nearby hospital as soon as possible.

Road accidents are common and any person meeting the accident needs immediate care. Cardiac Road Ambulance Services in Katihar by us is accompanied by oxygen supply, first aid kits, Specialist Doctors and trained paramedics as well. In the case of road accidents, the patients generally suffer huge blood loss which proves to be fatal. Trained doctors with Ground Ambulance Service in Katihar makes the primary effort to stop the blood loss with proper bandages before reaching the hospital. Our emergency ambulances are equipped with all emergency medicines and injections, wheelchair, nebulizer, ECG machine to monitor fluctuations. Patna is the biggest place near Katihar to get the best medical facilities. Transportation of critical patients to another city is very risky as the health condition is very delicate. Our paramedic team takes all necessary steps to carry the patient to the capital city with the utmost care and precautions. You can just avail our services by calling us on our provided Number or mail.

Patna Air & Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd.

What Our Customers Say's

It was the day when my husband and I went out of the house for a party, but on reaching some distance away from the house, we collided with an accident and fell down from the scooter and they got very hurt. A standing man called the ambulance. I did not know that the ambulance came from the company of Patna Air and Train Ambulance, but their service was very good. In a few moments, the ambulance came on the spot, and immediately after putting my husband in the ambulance, he started treatment and rushed to the hospital. I have never seen a service like Patna Air and Train Ambulance, really these people work with a lot of dedication.
My father was very happy the day the result of my college came but suddenly I do not know what happened, he got a heart attack due to which I got very scared. Then the neighbor Sharma uncle called the ambulance, the ambulance Patna Air & Train ambulance service reached our house through it, his service was so good that immediately he started giving oxygen to my father and the doctor in the ambulance started to give him Treatment, now my father has been treated and he is absolutely healthy.
Hi, Seema here, my 4-year-old child was playing on the terrace and suddenly came down while playing and fell down 2 coming down from the floor as soon as the human fell away, I could not understand anything but my little brother-in-law immediately took the ambulance I called and took her immediately to the hospital. As soon as she was taken to the hospital, she was immediately treated there. I later came to know that the ambulance had come from Patna Air and Train Ambulance, whose services were so fast that went saved my son's life. I am very thankful to Patna Air Ambulance Service who saved my son's life at the right time.
Hi, I am Rita, on hearing the name of Corona, where people start running far away when my younger brother suspected corona infection, we immediately wanted to call the doctor. In a short time, an ambulance came by Patna Air and Train Ambulance and they immediately quarantined the family members and took my brother to the Quarantine Center with security and immediately put him in the isolation ward there. Today my brother has survived that corona infection and is very healthy. I am very happy and thankful to have served Patna Air and Train Ambulance.