Our Esteemed 24 Hours Emergency Ambulance Service in Patna is Available with Rapid & Advanced Transfer System along Medical Team

We are a Patna based road ambulance service provider with the responsibility of moving any type of critical patients. Specialized with Cardiac Ambulance Service in Patna, we are loaded with pumping equipment, constant oxygen supply, and all life-saving medicines with trained professionals. We have a fleet of ac and non-ac ambulances of all sizes. We move patients from one location to a better hospital in the same city and even to other places like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Vellore, etc. Road ambulance service in Patna with us includes pacemakers, latest monitors, BiPAP, Defib-monitors, and other necessary things. People choose our Emergency ICU Road Ambulance Services from Patna to Kolkata, Vellore, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. rather than air ambulance due to its affordability.

Patna is the state capital and improved its health facilities by the availability of road ambulances as compared to a few years back. Our ambulances are accompanied by experienced Oncologists, Cardiologists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, etc. as per requirement. Our large collection of AC Ambulances is even stuffed with the latest medical gadgets paralleled with ICU and CCU requirements. On-demand we also provide trained lady doctors. Operating 24*7*365 Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt Ltd transfer’s patients and even very critical cases with all necessary equipment under the guidance of trained paramedics. We facilitate the peoples with our trusted Road Ambulance Service from Patna to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Vellore, and many others. We ensure the fast relocation of the patient at a better facility at the most pocket-friendly cost. You need to tell your choice of the ambulance and the location, we will be there after booking confirmation.

Learn Why People Highly Consider Our Services Then Other Local Competitive Air Ambulances Services Provider

Accidents may occur because of several actual causes, but in such a case, there is a requirement for a consistent way to minimize the scenarios of death. However, the Our Road Ambulances Services in Patna knows how to really accept the initial warning signs: Many emergency health warning signs include sudden nausea, chest pain, vomiting, and clumsiness, Optical changes, severe stomach pain, deep bleeding, wheezing of human blood and more. To support the patient with the treatments in the Road Ambulance in Patna, it requires the advanced and the modern equipment and the medical faculties to assume the treatments, which is only offered by the Our Low Rate Ambulance Services in Patna.

Have a look on the medical Ventilation and Equipments are mentioned below which are offering by our Cardiac Ambulance in patna:

# Portable Mobile Ventilators
# Electric Suction Machine
# Laryngeal Mask Airway and others
# Cardiac Monitor
# Emergency Communication
# Equipment
# Defibrillation Support
# Pacemaker Facility
# Emergency Medical Drugs
# Wheel Chair Facility and more

Patna Air and Train Ambulance services provide the world-class road ambulance service during the most catastrophic times of someone in need. Road Ambulance Services from Patna to any higher facility also provided by us and the whole transfer perform by professionals and highly experienced teams. There are many Road Ambulance Services in Patna however we are one of the best among them, and that is because we compose a team of highly prolific staff. Any ambulance services compiled of few things mentioned below that make the best, they are:

o Fast Service, that means reaching on the spot as early as possible
o The initial treatment facility, this one is most critical for saving the lives of patients
o Transfer facility to metro cities for higher treatment
o Affordable, the prices must be in reach of every person
o Understand and follow protocols so that saving time of patient
o We are Facilitating Ambulance Services for Hospitals Like I.G.I.M.S, PMCH, NMCH, and AIIMS for any emergency shifting.

Road Ambulance Service in Patna is Now Available with Hitech ICU Equipt.

We also provide Ambulance from Patna to Delhi or other metro cities for higher treatment. The transfer provided by us is hassle-free and the patient and their attendant did not have to worry about anything. Our Patna Ambulance are always there available for your services at any time.
We really manage our team carefully and wisely, just to make sure that the city can be served better with the best Ambulance Service from Patna to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Vellore, and across India. We work with this motive to make our city cum and with fewer accidents, and one who can escape from those unfortunate people in any scenario.
Such types of transportation are done by us, in which we offer all ICU backups with a doctor (ICU specialist) and trained technician as well. This can be with the city ICU's or from one city to the other city across the country.

We are one of the top provider quintessentially provide all the above-mentioned services through our road ambulance service in Patna. Our Ground Ambulance in Patna is a class apart and configure with all the modern facilities. We maintain a highly accoladed protocol and thus we are able to provide the best road ambulance services in Patna. The things which make us class apart are

Patna is a vast and highly dense city and reaching to some areas are not easy, to counter that we appoint commanding drivers who are well learned and experienced, they know the city thoroughly, they reach at any spot as early as possible, our Road ambulance in Patna is fast and on time.
Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services have ICU equipped road ambulance for critical patients. Cardiac Ambulance in Patna provides initial treatment to patients who are in serious condition, thus gave them initial treatment before reaching the hospital.
We also provide road ambulance from Patna to Delhi or other metro cities for higher treatment. The transfer provided by us is hassle-free and the patient and their attendant did not have to worry about anything. ICU Ambulance Services in Patna also available for your services at any time.
Now the cost, we are the most low-cost ambulance service provider in Patna, and above that we did not compromise with our facilities and services we provide. At Patna Air and Train Ambulance Service Road ambulance available in Patna at a very affordable cost.
Also, during transferring patient to other cities or foreign countries we Patna Air and Train Ambulance take care of the paperwork and other regulations

Road Ambulance in Patna to other metro cities are also accompanying with air and train ambulance, in some cases if a patient needs an air or train ambulance from Patna then we provide road ambulance in both cities. Patna Air and Train Ambulance are shifting patients to all the metro cities and high facility centers in India, we are dealing in Road Ambulance from Patna to Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Guwahati, Mumbai, etc. We provided all the mentioned service at a very affordable cost, without any hidden charges. Besides that, we also provide ICU Ambulance in Patna for vital patients. Our ambulance service in Patna is swift and professional, our quick response team start acting as soon as we got a call for an ambulance in Patna, for booking an ambulance from Patna you just need to call us or visit our website, our ambulance services are available 24/7.

Patna Air & Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd.

What Our Customers Say's

It was the day when my husband and I went out of the house for a party, but on reaching some distance away from the house, we collided with an accident and fell down from the scooter and they got very hurt. A standing man called the ambulance. I did not know that the ambulance came from the company of Patna Air and Train Ambulance, but their service was very good. In a few moments, the ambulance came on the spot, and immediately after putting my husband in the ambulance, he started treatment and rushed to the hospital. I have never seen a service like Patna Air and Train Ambulance, really these people work with a lot of dedication.
My father was very happy the day the result of my college came but suddenly I do not know what happened, he got a heart attack due to which I got very scared. Then the neighbor Sharma uncle called the ambulance, the ambulance Patna Air & Train ambulance service reached our house through it, his service was so good that immediately he started giving oxygen to my father and the doctor in the ambulance started to give him Treatment, now my father has been treated and he is absolutely healthy.
Hi, Seema here, my 4-year-old child was playing on the terrace and suddenly came down while playing and fell down 2 coming down from the floor as soon as the human fell away, I could not understand anything but my little brother-in-law immediately took the ambulance I called and took her immediately to the hospital. As soon as she was taken to the hospital, she was immediately treated there. I later came to know that the ambulance had come from Patna Air and Train Ambulance, whose services were so fast that went saved my son's life. I am very thankful to Patna Air Ambulance Service who saved my son's life at the right time.
Hi, I am Rita, on hearing the name of Corona, where people start running far away when my younger brother suspected corona infection, we immediately wanted to call the doctor. In a short time, an ambulance came by Patna Air and Train Ambulance and they immediately quarantined the family members and took my brother to the Quarantine Center with security and immediately put him in the isolation ward there. Today my brother has survived that corona infection and is very healthy. I am very happy and thankful to have served Patna Air and Train Ambulance.